Well known for his hip hop mixes and association with Jazzy Sport, Mitsu takes a 20+ year veteran DJ’s perspective here, more often than not segueing complete tracks, as opposed to doubling and cutting breaks, for a 70+ minute trip through vintage 1970’s spiritual jazz that a listener can lose themselves in.Of course beats and breaks and funk abound here, but the emphasis of this mix lands on the original label’s (Black Jazz) overall vibe, while highlighting the funkier edge to the catalogue, one that has collectors chasing original vinyl copies to this day.This is part 1 of a 3-disc mix series, coordinated with remastered reissues of the original albums on CD, featuring newly discovered photographs and artwork.

Gilles Peterson “Black jazz Radio”

Brownswood Recording’s founder lends his hand to select a “best of” the Black Jazz label, part 2 of 3 in the mix series, covering the wide range of jazz and funk they had to offer…a tight and concise setlist, curated by one of the longtime authorities on the imprint.  Release December 2012.





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